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We’re for the Dogs! 

We are a trusted breeder of  Golden Retrievers with a passion for animals. We breed for exceptional quality and ensure we always maintain the highest possible standards. All our dogs are DNA clear for genetic issues and have  OFA clearances. Our puppies are raised underfoot in our home,and we are proud to say we raise them with Puppy Culture. To learn more about us or to inquire about available puppies/upcoming litters please contact us.

Stud muffins

Meet our handsome boys

Goldenfocus Harry Potter 

Potter is our one and only stud here at Hufflepup Goldens. He is an amazing boy who has never met a stranger. Potter was imported from Denmark and has fathered beautiful healthy litters. Potter is health tested for genetic issues and is clear. He also has his OFA testing we are over the moon about this boy! Please contact if you are interested in using Potter as a Stud dog or interested in one of his offspring. 

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Lestat I can not say enough about this boy. He is my Service dog and I'm forever grateful for the freedom he has given me. He has the best temperament I could hope for in a stud and passed his OFA testing. He is clear by parentage for genetic testing. Lestat will be breeding with our keeper females from Potters past litters we can not wait for these new stellar pups!


Mama dogs 

Meet the Gorgeous Girls



Alice is retired and currently. living in Idaho as a support dog for a special needs child.



Gentle old soul 

Zima girl retired with her loving guardian home



Spayed due to family changes at time of breeding 



Quinn is our keeper girl out of Alice and Potters final Breeding. She is a bright light in our pack. She is very smart alert and eager to please she really brings out all those amazing golden traits. We are excited to see what the future holds for this girl!


Why chose Hufflepup Goldens?

We are thrilled so many people have come to Hufflepup Goldens to find their perfect new furry family member. Read below to see what some of our puppy owners are saying about us. If you have an experience to share, please let us know. We love receiving feedback.


I had decided that if I were to get another dog I wanted to get a Golden Retriever. I came across Hupplepups Golden’s by chance and what a  wonderful experience it turned out to be, from the minute I asked about getting a pup until I received one was all so very positive.  Great communication with the breeder, Annabel. My Kingsley is now 10 months old, she is so smart, lovable and a blessing all around. Such a great temperament, easy to train and a great companion! I now wonder what I ever did without her! I was/ am so pleased and my daughter as well, so much so that she got a male who is now 10 weeks old! Thank you Hufflepups! 



A good friend of mine had a dog named bubba who I instantly fell in love with. His mannerisms and his loving and smiley personality made everyone who met bubba want a bubba. I asked her where she got him and she then told me Hufflepup Goldens out of wasilla, Alaska. I immediately contacted them and spoke with Annabel who is the breeder. From the moment I first spoke to her to picking up my own good boy(Rexx) it was nothing but smooth and she constantly kept me as well as the other potential owners in the loop on the progress of the moms pregnancy,the birth of the Goldens, the vet appointments, kennel training, potty training, to picking up the Goldens to take them to their forever home. Annabel is nothing but friendly and extremely helpful through everything as well as keeping up with how they are doing after they go to their forever home. Questions on food or other helpful information she has never had a problem with guiding me through things to make sure Rexx is a healthy happy boy!   Rexx has been everything I’ve ever wanted in a dog and more. Such a well tempered, and loving dog. He is very healthy and always very happy. Anytime someone meets Rexx they instantly fall in love with him. He is thee most amazing addition to my family. Rexx is very good with everybody with all ages, as well other dogs of all breeds. He is extremely gentle and loving with our one and a half year old. I 100% would get another dog from Annabel. It takes everything to be patient on the time my significant other will let me have another lol. 



When I wanted a dog, I wasn’t sure which kind of breed to get. I’ve heard how great Golden Retrievers are, but I’ve never really been around them. That was until my mom got Kingsley from Annabel. I helped coparent her and watched her when my mom was gone. Her temperament and unconditional love were amazing! That was then I decided that if I got a dog, it would be from Hufflepup goldens. Fast forward to August of this year and i can’t wait to get my puppy. He’s everything I hoped for and more! A momma’s boy, gentle temperament and easily trainable.  He’s ten weeks now and is a bundle of energy and love. He learned his name and to sit in a day! I can’t imagine life without this little bundle of fur. I recommend her to everyone I meet. She’s reputable, works with them on “puppy culture” and even answered my question about what to do on a rough night. I can’t say enough about her or her pups as every experience with her was golden (pun intended). Thanks Hufflepups for giving me a friend for life ❤️- Alayna Johannsen 



To anyone looking for a loving golden pup, I would highly recommend Hufflupup Goldens. Not only did we receive our beautiful girl from them but they’re reputable breeders . The whole process of getting her was above and beyond. Communication was timely and they kept us in the loop through out the process with regular updates. Puppies also get introduced to puppy culture which is a plus. Our pup received a vet check before we picked her to make sure she was healthy and ready to go home to us. I would 100% recommend Hufflepups if you’re looking for a golden retriever



“I cannot recommend Hufflepup Goldens enough! I have two puppies from different litters from them and they are the perfect dogs for us. They are the ideal family dog in the fact that they are gentle, well behaved with some training that they pick up quickly, and still playful. We got the ‘last pick puppies’ from both litters and I cannot imagine having any other dogs. They are just as beautiful and perfect as their siblings. You cannot go wrong with a puppy from Hufflepup!”

Lila & Klaus


When we decided to add a new furry member to our family, we discovered Hufflepup Goldens and immediately recognized the in-depth care they had for our future pup. From proper genetic testing of the parents to conditioning the puppies to new surroundings and animals, I knew we were making the right choice and still stand by that choice today. I will always be grateful for the quality of breeding and friendliness of Hufflepup Goldens. You can tell they truly care about the long term success and health of their litters. Our girl Harper is the smartest, most well-behaved and beautiful companion we could have asked for. I highly recommend them to anyone I know looking for a thorough  and trustworthy Golden breeder!



As we made the move to Alaska my husband and I knew we wanted a Golden Retriever. We are so happy we found Hufflepup Goldens. She was very responsive and worked with us as we were military stationed at Eielson AFB. She always sent pictures of all the pups, kept us updated each week and let us do visits until we were able to pick up our new four legged family member. When the day comes to get another golden I will definitely use her again regardless of where the military sends us. Our Bentley boy is such a joy to our family and we couldn’t imagine it without him in it. To anyone looking for a Golden I highly recommend Hufflepup Goldens!



Our young kids begged almost daily for another dog after ours cross the Rainbow Bridge several years ago in another state.  Being military and moving a lot we promised our kids we would get another once my husband retired.  Growing up I had a Golden Retriever and he was an amazing dog.  I knew a Golden would make an excellent addition to our family and would be a great companion for our kids.  Knowing Alaska was in our future as our forever home I started a lot of research on reputable breeders and found that Annabel and Hufflepup Goldens was only one of a couple that were repeatedly highly recommended for Golden Retrievers due to her standards and the health of her dogs.  
I contacted her in early 2020 and had a great phone conversation where she answered all of my questions.  Our kids waited five years for a puppy and almost two weeks ago we finally brought our sweet boy home.  Brody is almost 10 weeks old and already has a sweet, comforting, playful personality.  He’s like a shadow and wants to be wherever we are, he likes to be held like a baby and is potty training wonderfully.  I can’t wait to have him grow with our kids and have a loyal, loving companion for our family. You cannot go wrong here!  



We recently watched a documentary on puppies being raised as guide dogs for the blind and my kids said, “Tobias is way better than any of them!” And I must say I 100% agree! Tobias is only 18 months old and he has the very best temperament and is graduating from his service dog training program very soon. Annabel does an incredible job giving her puppies the very best foundation to build on! Tobias is a confident, even-tempered and attentive puppy who has not only learned his jobs with me, but also is just an amazing family pet on his down time. He greets strangers with a patience and calmness you don’t typically see in a puppy his age. Tobias has assisted me through many busy airports and flown with me sitting under the airline seat, he goes with me into restaurants and patiently waits under the table for us to be done eating (and he doesn’t even try to eat the food dropped by all the kids!), he has gone to carnivals and he has gone hiking and on tram rides across huge gulleys. Tobias runs along side my horse when I go for rides, he goes to work with me and he sleeps next to me. We have four children, a cat, and two horses and Tobias knows when it’s time to work and when it’s time to play. I get compliments on how handsome he is and how amazing his temperament is pretty much everywhere I go. A lot of what he does, he has been extensively trained for but he never would’ve been able to do any of this without having a breeder raise him to be confident and well rounded. If you are wanting a dog with a good foundation, Annabel is hands-down the very best Breeder with the sweetest dogs!



OMGosh, what praises I have to sing to Hufflepup Goldens and our breeder, Annabel!  My story started when a friend turned me on to Hufflepup Goldens on Facebook.  I started following and then one day by chance "Alice" visited me with her guardian in my home - what can I say, LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT! And....she was with puppies!!!  I contacted Annabel right away and put down a deposit.  Annabel was such a joy to work with, very communicative, and I could tell she loves doing this and loves those puppies! OUR BELLA is now 10 months and has added so much to our life and I can't imagine not having her as part of our family.  We have enjoyed this journey so much that our daughter and family had to have a Hufflepup too - and to boot, her 9 week old pup, Lilly, is Bella's sister!  Puppy Culture is wonderful and because of the puppies start from the love of Annabel and family using Puppy Culture, Bella has been easy to train and is a pleaser.  Part of this is because of Annabel's expertise and the rest goes to the smarts of Golden Retrievers!  I highly recommend Annabel and Hufflepup Goldens as your next breeder!



"I found Hufflepuff Goldens through some friends of mine who have a golden from Annabel when I was looking to add a second puppy to my family.  My other puppy is a Great Dane/Boxer girl, so I was looking for a little mellower temperament to even things out.  My little Jedi is perfect.  He plays so well with his sister.  I loved the puppy culture training.  He was easy to crate and potty train.  He's a snuggler and loves everyone.  It's apparent that Hufflepuff puppies are loved and part of the family.  I'm not sure how Annabel does it, but the pups and their pens were always immaculate when visiting, and come pick day you have plenty of time, although my little Jedi picked me.   If you are looking to add a golden to your family I can't recommend Hufflepuff and Annabel enough.”



About Annabel Matwijow

Reputable Breeder 

We have been breeding Golden Retrievers since 2014, what started out as an accidental pet pregnancy turned into a fulfilling and life-changing adventure. Our main priority is ensuring the health and well-being of all our puppies from birth until they leave with their forever family - and beyond! We strive to be a forever resource for our extended golden family. We are here to help our owners achieve their goals with their new furry family members. 

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